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Welcome back, this time i’d like to share about one of lipstick brands which has been my favorite recently, FRAN WILSON MOODMATCHERⓇ . So, Scroll down beautieess ~


About Product

Well Fran Wilson MOODmatcheris a brand from USA. I’m not sure when the brand started and Okay honestly this is my first time too hear about this product but last week when i go to the drugstore i look this product, so i think this brand is a drugstore product.
MOODmatcher is unique lipstick which the color changes after applied on lips. Each shade of MOODmatcher is formulated to respond to your body chemistry, so i think depending on each person wearing it. The MOODmatcher lipsticks series has 10 color varians, Yap with unusual color of course, like green, dark blue, orange, light blue, black and etc haha. However when you applied on lips, the color changed be friendly color like Red, Coral, or Pink.
The claims from the brand is
  • Waterprof
  • Moisturizing
  • Stay 12 hours even when eating, drinking, swimming, kissing, etc.

The Product Performance

From all ten colors, i have the GREEN. why? ‘Cause the colors are “unique” and i wanted to see how they transformed on my lips. The packaging is just basic, lightweight plastic and transparent cap to help us see the color of the lipstick inside.



Well, this is the swatches on my hand .


The green color it’s a literally green. To make swatches on my hand, I had to swipe them several times until the colors showed up, like lip balm at first i applied on my hand i couldn’t see the color but only see the gloss on my hand.


Taaaraaa, when i applied on my lips the color changed into pink neutral color, yess i only second swipe (i don’t know when other people used this lipstick ‘cause when my sister used too with same colors the color changed into pink fuschia).
At first the texture indeed felt like Lip Balm (to oily), but after a while there’s no sensation i used lipstick hahaa . The result on my lips no matte or glosy , it’s like natural lips color. However, I didn’t feel my lips drying while wearing this.
About the staying power, yes it seriously stayed along time. I used in the morning and i didn’t touchup until evening. And the scent? it smelled a true “lipstick” haha like old lipstick (i know ‘cause my mom shared to me. lol).

Finally the result from my experience is I LOVE IT , ‘cause the lipstick makes my lips has natural colors, lol. If you are curious and want to buy this product you can check this shop @moodmatcherindonesia , you can check more review about this product there.
So, thank you so much for reading this post , ohya this is my first time too reviewed other brand except Asian product haha.  hope this post usefull for you and you like it ^^.
Happy reading and see you next post beautieeesss…
ps : this product was sponsored by @moodmatcherindonesia , but i write this review ‘cause i want to share about my experience used this product. So, my impression with other can different ^^ .

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